Welcome to the All Angels Giveaway 2014!

Welcome to the All Angels Giveaway 2014!
This giveaway fundraiser is intended to help fundraise for Reece's Rainbow's Angel Tree. We hope to raise at least $500 for each waiting child's adoption grant account during the Christmas season, however $1000 is our ultimate goal!

Monday, December 16, 2013

All Angels Giveaway, day 25: 167 babes to go!


If you had told me when we started that we would be TWO WEEKS away from the end of Angel Tree, and we would still have 167 children who didn’t even have $500 in their accounts… I would have told you you were crazy!

But here we are, persevering and yelling for each and every babe the best we can! It might not be as easy as I thought it would be… but we can do this Smile!!!

Today we are featuring our Warrior Sandra’s babe, Jasper again! There was a small error sharing the link yesterday, so we are giving him another chance to be seen today.

Jasper (1)

Sandra has shouted her heart out for Jasper… she could use your help and support at getting Jasper to goal!

Sandra has a lovely jewelry fundraiser going on right now. You have chance to win one of three lovely, Swarovski Element Crystal necklace and earing sets for donations to Jasper’s adoption grant accounts. Extra donations gain you extra entries!


For details on how to win these, go HERE!

An entry into her giveaway, will gain you an extra entry into this giveaway! Just leave a comment letting me know that you donated to dear Jasper.

And as always, a donation to any Angel Tree babe will gain you entry here (including Jasper) and you will gain double entry for our CHILD OF THE DAY!


Click HERE to give to Michael, our child of the day!







Boy, Born December 7, 2001
Latin America  SN.26

Diagnosis: Down syndrome, Hypothyroidism,  Language delay, Moderate mental delay

Michael says “HI MOM, do you see me?  I’m waiting for you!”   Michael is a handsome, happy, and active little boy!    He has been blessed to be very loved and well taken care of!  But here he is waving to his new mama, wherever she may be!  FULL MEDICAL and SOCIAL RECORDS available.   Michael is described as very loving and affectionate.  He is well adjusted and attached to his caregivers.  He is very active and physically capable…a typical boy! He receives therapy regularly and continues to work on his speech.  Please consider Michael!  His adoption will open doors for so many more children in this wonderful, but small, program!

From his caregivers: Michael attends a school for children with special needs.  He has been in the orphanage since he was 2 1/2 years old.  Michael is very affectionate and has achieved a certain level of independence.  He demonstrates an ability to adapt quickly in various situations and has great capacity to give and receive affection.  He is working on improving his pronunciation.

Update Feb 2012: (further records available on development)
He is a child with fast adaptation to new situations, however when he gets confidence and trust to somebody, he has demanding and resistant behavior when somebody don’t do what he wants. The lack of an appropriate way to express his ideas, emotions and thoughts, generates emotions like sadness and frustration; this usually can be manifested in situations who are demanding.

Michael is a happy child, likes to show his affection, affectionate and with big desires of attention. His social development corresponds to mild retardation. In self-reliance activities his performance is independent, for which he only requires slight supervision. In activities which involve expressive and written language he still requires support.

Michael’s country is *beautiful* to visit, and is rich in culture and history.   Amazing trip no matter what time of year!

  • Single women or married couples, age 25-55
  • Both parents, one trip of 4 weeks
  • Total cost approx $27,000

What a little BUSTER! I love his pictures Smile, such a boy’s boy!


Click HERE to access the Angel Tree or click on the button on the side of the blog!


One donation of $5 to any child will put your name into our giveaway! As an incentive for making additional donations, you will receive additional entries for every additional $5 donated to any of our children.

          • $5 = 1 entry

          • $10 = 2 entries

          • $20 = 4 entries

          • $50 = 10 entries

          • $500 = 100 entries

          • And so on…

Give $35 and over to one Angel, and you will receive an adorable ornament with the Angel’s picture on it.

You can also gain additional entries by sharing about our giveaway on Facebook, Twitter or your own Blog. Just leave a comment on this blog to let us know you’ve shared.

You can also gain an additional one time entry by becoming a follower of this blog. Just leave a comment letting me know that you are following us.

You will receive double entries for giving to our CHILD OF THE DAY if you give to them on the day they are featured!


  • Click on the Angel Tree and donate to the child of your choice – you will get double points for our CHILD OF THE DAY. A minimum donation of $5 to ANY child, even those with over $500 in their grant accounts will qualify you.

  • THEN, forward your Paypal or Reece’s Rainbow donation to receipt to allangelsgiveaway@gmail.com.


  • For additional entries please Blog, Tweet or Share about this on Facebook. You can do this everyday for additional entries! (One per each type per day) Just leave a comment stating that you have done this.

  • You can also gain an additional one time entry by following this blog. Just leave a comment letting us know that you are a follower.

  • The giveaway ends when EVERY child on the Angel Tree has at least $500 in their grant accounts.

  • If you have any questions, please feel free to leave one in the comment section or email us at allangelsgiveaway@gmail.com.


$1000 to the Reece’s Rainbow Child or Family of YOUR CHOICE!

A Vitamix blender - a $450 value!


A beautiful handmade scarf!!!


Earrings - $20 value


Glass Angel - $5 value


BIBLIOPLAN E-Book Ancient History - $40 value

BIBLIOPLAN E-BOOK Medieval History - $40 value

BIBLIOPLAN E-BOOK Modern History - $40 value

BIBLIOPLAN Ancient History Craft Book - $12 value

BIBLIOPLAN Medieval History Craft Book - $12 value

BIBLIOPLAN Modern History Craft Book - $12 value

Swavorksi crystal necklace – $80 value

Silver earrings from Peru – $10 value


Pink faux leather jewelry box - $20 value


Lovely scarves – $25 each


Ginger on a Mission tote – $25


Lovely handmade scarf donated by Scarves and Skirts for Sara – $15 value


Hobby Lobby gift card – $10, donated by Hannah Sophia Music

Target Gift Card – $25

Visa gift card – $25

A Poppies Blooming blog makeover, blogger or word press format - $75+ value

The Boy From Baby House 10 – $13 value


*Child of the day will be the lowest child on the Angel Tree as of that morning at 10 AM Central Time. Children will only be featured ONE TIME. If they are the lowest child on the tree more than once, then we will select the next lowest child on the Angel Tree.

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